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Empire Waist_Sedona International Film Festival Awards.png

2024 Coney Island Film Festival
Best Feature

2024 Sedona International Film Festival
Best Empowerment Film &
Best Social Impact Film

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2024 Seattle International Film Festival
Wavemaker Award: Best FutureWave Feature

#1 Comedy Script

Featured Script

2019 Feature Lab

Cassian Elwes Independent Screenwriting Fellowship 


2019 PAGE International

Screenwriting Awards



"The writing has a truthfulness and authenticity that gives the project so much heart."

— Reviewer, The Black List

"Not only is EMPIRE WAIST charming, hilarious, and often quite moving, but the script also hammers home an excellent message that should resonate with audiences of all ages. . . A joy to read from beginning to end, EMPIRE WAIST strikes the perfect balance between its humor, its heart, and its message." 

— Reviewer, The Black List (Rating: 9/10)


"There’s absolutely a market for EMPIRE WAIST and it would be relatively inexpensive to produce. There has to be a home for this script somewhere." 

— Reviewer, The Black List

"EMPIRE WAIST is a deftly written script with excellent development of themes that the movies could use more of. The premise is original and soaring, and ought to resonate broadly with moviegoers and the current cultural moment."

— Reviewer, The Black List


The narrative's themes of self-love, body positivity, empowerment, and femininity are developed with force, clarity and just the right amount of balance to make them ring true, and give the premise lasting appeal." ​

— Reviewer, The Black List

"Lenore is a standout lead role, understated, sensitive and deeply empathetic. The script is very, very funny, and delivers a steady stream of dialogue-based jokes and physical humor that is organic to the story."

— Reviewer, The Black List

"The dialogue is sharply characterized and flows with energy. The tone is nimble, blending comedy and drama with aplomb."

— Reviewer, The Black List​

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